The Original Metal Handcuffs With Keys


If you’re fed up with novelty, fluffy handcuffs taking away from your most serious and intimate fantasies, these realistic and sturdy cuffs, from Dream Toys, will help you to stay in the mood.

Firm but unfair, there is no escaping the strong metal bonds of these cuffs, unless you are the one to hold the keys. Allow yourself to be at your partner’s mercy, with every touch heightened by your helpless and horny state, held tight by the unforgiving handcuffs. Alternatively, lock your partner up and take full control; be the one who decides what pleasurable punishment they receive, with no part of the experience interrupted by the tickle of fur.

Use these cuffs to maintain realism and focus for intense, passionate exploration of fantasies, in which every detail is important for your gratification.

Weight 0.22 kg
Washing Instructions

Hot soapy water




For Who



Two Keys





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The Original Metal Handcuffs With Keys

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