RENDS R1 Bach Rotator Triple Bach Caps


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Everyone must own Bach Rotor as one of R-1 starter set if they are the users of the series. It’s only the almighty attachment among the series which accommodates all of erogenous zones of human body by the authentic various vibrations patterns of R-1 and the comparable strong power like Denma. This time, A long awaited accessory kit has added for this Bach Rotor. The three different bizarre formed attachments are all caps to put on the rotor.

Triple Bach Caps is such a deluxe kit because we put all the three attachments which are developed to specialize in stimulating clitoris, penis and anus intensively in the kit. Bach Rotor is intrinsically capable of using it to anything so it’s unsuitable to keep stimulating specified parts intensively. But getting the caps on Bach Rotor changes Bach Rotor’s versatile powerful vibration to the best stimulus which is appropriate for each erogenous zone and it create the additional potential for Bach Rotor.

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Hot soapy water and toy cleaner



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RENDS R1 Bach Rotator Triple Bach Caps

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